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I will be returning to making clips and camming in the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled for further information!

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It’s been a crazy week…

I’ve been in the hospital since Saturday. I was originally admitted for a fever and infection, which turned out to be rather persistent. After a very long and complicated few days in the hospital, I brought a 9 lb 7 3/4 oz baby boy into this world via c-section yesterday evening. We’re all hoping to be able to go home Friday, but in the meantime, both Baby Ballistic and I are healthy and recovering well, despite having a rough time. 

Once things turn right side up again, I’ll be back to business as usual, and I’m still getting all of my tweets and emails in the meantime. 

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The End is Near! (And my last prego clips)

Baby Ballistic measured 8 lbs and 4 oz at my 37 week sonogram, and yesterday my doctor recommended that I be induced, since he is going to be so large. I risk having to have a c-section if I wait for labor to start on its own. Since the hospital won’t do inductions until 39 weeks unless it’s an emergency, we’re going to have to wait until this Monday. These are the very last days of my pregnancy, and I must say that I’m relieved. I’m huge, it’s hot, and I’m miserable. I’m ready to meet my baby, and fit into my old clothes. Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be updating you all on the arrival of my mini me!

This weekend, I uploaded what are going to be my last pregnancy clips to my clips4sale store. Be sure to add them to your collection, I really feel like these are some of my best!

38 Weeks Rubbing Oil on my Big Pregnant Belly and Tits

I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy and expecting my baby any day now. My belly has grown to epic proportions, and I’m actually measuring large for 38 weeks. Watch me rub oil all over my giant belly and swollen tits from several different angles. Lots of great views in this clip.Buy Now

And for those of you who enjoy my false labor clips, you’re in for a treat:

Woke Up By Labor Pains and Contractions

I’m huge, pregnant, uncomfortable, and expecting my baby any day now. Exhausted, I’m napping in the middle of the day, and I get woke up by labor pains and contractions. At first, I lay there rubbing my belly and breathing in and out, waiting for the contractions to pass. When it becomes apparent that they aren’t going away, I sit up and moan and pant, looking worried. Soon, I take my shirt off, exposing my giant, swollen belly, rubbing it and groaning. Eventually I realize that it’s too late to do anything but take my shorts off and push…

Buy Now

See you on the flipside!

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Pregnancy Updates:

Only 10 more weeks to go! It feels like it’s flying by at this point. My baby shower is in less than a month and July 12th is getting closer and closer every day. Soon, Baby Ballistic will be here and running the show. 

I’m feeling his kicks and hiccups, and it feels (and looks!) like he’s getting noticeably bigger daily now. I passed my glucose screen (which means no gestational diabetes), and we are both healthy as can be. 

I’m starting to feel the rougher effects of pregnancy, the constant heartburn, the backaches, and my belly feels huge, heavy, and uncomfortable all the time now. I can’t sleep longer than 2 hours without getting up to go get tums or go pee (usually both). As irritating as all of this sounds, this will probably be the only time I’ll ever get to have this experience in my lifetime. Every movement I feel, the way that he kicks or responds when I touch my belly, and hearing his heartbeat and seeing his ultrasounds more than makes up for it.

I’ve got a few pregnancy fetish clips available for download from my clips4sale studio, and I’m adding more every week as my belly grows. I’m accepting requests for custom clips and videos, so be sure to let me know what you’d like to see. 

My baby wishlist is back up, and I’ve revised it to include all of the things we really need for the baby once he arrives. There is a lot on there, and I certainly don’t expect to get everything on there, but every single thing sent to me is a huge help for us and greatly appreciated. Wishlist purchases are rewarded with my pregnancy content (or my solo masturbation videos if that’s not your thing) depending on what you send. Every purchase, no matter how small, gets at least 1 video, and there are things on there under $10. Click here to check out my wishlist and send us something.

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